She has incredibly large and perky nipples that she plays with when she masturbates
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The movies in the member area capture "X" over quite a number of years ... from her first ever videos (when the video camera started getting popular) through her escapades during and after her pregnancy.

The earlier movies show her before she discovered the "merits" of a vibrator ... she got addicted! She discovers dildo's on film too. And there's a lot more too - but that's reserved for members :-)

No matter how she gets there, what she uses when she is masturbating to "assist", or what she is watching or reading that's turning her on, the bottom line is that she ALWAYS ends up having amazingly strong and very visible orgasms!!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now to discover more and start watching all of Xs Orgasms and escapades!

Watch all of her movies ... and perhaps discover who she is!

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