She has incredibly large and perky nipples that she plays with when she masturbates
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The close-up, cooch cam, orgasm lovers are in for a limited-time-only treat! This DVD is re-mastered from the original 8mm tapes so it's not digital quality, but it contains a variety of finger masturbation as well as toy masturbation scenes and features twelve perfectly obvious, totally visible, incognito, close-up pussy orgasms. Definitely one to have in your collection!

This DVD begins with a slow finger rub scene while she sits in a chair and watches a one girl getting another off orally on TV. The camera moves in for some close-up, cooch, clit and bottom only views as her oily finger goes round and round on her clit. Her pussy lips are shaved, but there is a tuft of hair on her mound showing. As she wanks, she starts to press her finger a bit harder onto her clit. The camera moves in even closer as she pulls one lip to the side - her juices are clearly showing - and then a series of obvious and strong contractions are seen as she cums hard. After the orgasm, the cam pans out to see her pussy reflected in a glass top table.

The next scene shows a cooch being massaged by a large cordless vibrator. This powerful toy delivers stimulation directly to her small clit. Again, her lips are bare, but there is hair visible on her mound. She presses the tip of the toy on her clitoris, lifting it off and putting it back on. Just as her juices begin to build, she cums - very quickly and visibly. The toy is turned off as the after orgasm pulsing continues.

Lying down on the bed, this time she is enjoying an eroscillator. She presses the toy on her perineum from time-to-time and also leaves the toy buzzing quietly on her clitoris. The eroscillator isn't quite strong enough, so she switches to a pocket rocket - and her pussy gets pretty wet - with little bubbles of juice. She occasionally presses the pocket rocket into her perineum and lays the pocket rocket flat down her folds and on her clit. There is a series of pre-orgasmic contractions - faint - before the major ones are obvious and apparent. The camera stays in close, focusing on her juices.

Wearing a pair of white panties and reading a Penthouse magazine, we see her using the big massager toy. After a bit, her panties are off and the toy is perched on her clit. This orgasm happens pretty quickly and is more of the 'popping' type. Again, totally obvious and unmistakeable. Her pussy is glistening with clear wet juices. The camera is left on, focusing on how her pussy recovers after that orgasm. She reaches her hand down and plays with her juicy strings as they spread across her inner thigh.

Back with the big massager on her pussy, she's back for another orgasm. Her skin gets prickly and goose-bumps as she gets closer to cumming, too. She pulls one lip aside with her thumb. The scene fades to her hands lying o n the side of cooch as the toy still buzzes her clit and then she cums again. She turns off the toy and switches to a doggy style position with the massager on her clit. The camera is so close only her ass hole and pussy lips are visible in the frame. Just before the big orgasm, there are some pre-orgasmic contractions that pucker her butthole, then she cums rhythmically and hard.

Lying on her back in black lingerie with a towel under her, she touches her pussy and plays with her panties. She turns on the massager, placing the toy on her clitoris over her panties. She runs her hand along her bra, lifting her breasts out. She turns off the toy and removes her panties. Only a small mound of hair is there as the toy goes back onto her clit. She squeezes her thighs tightly around the head of the massager, raising her hips up and down. This scene is self filmed, so the quality isn't quite as crisp as some of the other scenes, but her orgasm is still very obvious. As the massager buzzes her clit, she reaches her hand down and touches herself, then runs her hand along her thigh, tummy and breasts. She turns the toy up to high power and her thighs begin to shake. She dips her fingers into her pussy, then puts the toy back on her clit - her chest begins to rise and fall as she gets closer to orgasm. I can just make out one erect nipple in the top of the frame, too. There is a soft moan, like a "hmmm" sound as the contractions take over. After this orgasm, she turns off the toy and takes a minute to recover on the bed. Then, she dips her fingers into her pussy and rubs the juices on her thighs. She lifts her legs up in the air and slips on the black panties.

With a little lube on her pussy, she is back, firmly massaging her clitoris with her finger. Occasionally she dips her finger into her pussy, then rubs her clit up and down and back and forth. This is a quick, powerful, visible orgasm.

After rubbing hand cream all over her pussy, she is now armed with an orgasm dildo. She asks, "How's it look?" She rubs the dildo on her clit and inserts it a little bit into her pussy, then goes back to rubbing. The hand cream is all over her bits, running down to her bottom. She inserts the dildo into her pussy, then begins to rub her clitoris with her finger. After a bit, she removes the dildo, leaving it resting on her hip as she rubs her clit. Then she inserts the dildo again doing more of the simultaneous rub. She kind of wiggles the dildo back and forth a bit, too. She begins to work the dildo in and out more serious as she rubs and within just a few minutes, she is cumming - at first with the dildo in her, then she pulls it out as the contractions continue.

Lying on a green towel with the massager on her clitoris, she is flipping the pages of a porno mag as she enjoys the vibration from the toy. It doesn't take very long for the pre-orgasmic tugs and mini-contractions to become apparent and then she has a strong, bottom puckering, contracting orgasm that just seems to go on and on. We hear her flip a page of the magazine, then turn off the toy.

This time she is using a white smoothie vibe and her pussy is noticeably hair-ier. She presses the vibe firmly on her clit, occasionally resting it in place as she turns the pages of an adult magazine. I am told the girl on girl action was a favorite of hers. The camera moves in for a closer cooch view. She is starting to get pretty wet, then the camera moves back out for a moment. Once the camera moves back in, her pussy seems tightly clenched. She moves the vibe across her clit and on the side of her pussy lips, but she doesn't quite reach orgasm. She rolls over into a doggy style position. She begins to slowly ride the vibe for a few strokes just before her contractions start. Very visible, again and as she pulls the vibe away, there is a string of juiciness.

Armed with the massager and a trusty porno mag, she's wanking again! The tip of the big massager stays firmly pressed on her clitoris as the pages are turned. After a bit, we can really see her wetness building and dripping out from the base of her vagina. The wetness is running all the way down to her butt hole. I note a few slight pre-orgasmic contractions happening, too. The juice continues to flow, now almost to the towel beneath her. The toy continues to buzz her clit, as her hips rise just slightly, then rock a bit - her outer labia are engorged - then the contractions are present. This orgasm goes for a long time, with a long series of seemingly never ending contractions. She puts the magazine aside.

In the next scene, she is using a gold tipped vibe and pressing firmly on her clit. There is a date stamp across the bottom right of this scene, but it couldn't be removed - and it doesn't obscure our view of her pussy. There is also a television playing in the background. As she continues to buzz her pussy with the vibe, her outer labia are becoming engorged. She continues to press the vibe very firmly on her clit and lips. After quite a while 'playing' with the toy, she raises her hips a bit. She reaches her hand down to touch her pussy.It looks like a bit of lube has been applied after a scene fade, then there is a moment of the dog barking, but she goes on wanking undaunted. I can see her pussy starting to relax and contract as she is getting closer to this orgasm. She rubs the godl tip between her lips, the pulls a lip aside, but she is really struggling to find this one. Now lying on her back, she continues to use the vibe on her clit and pussy. She lets out a little "ahh" and then she cums. The orgasm is perfectly visible, but it is short and sweet. The camera moves in for a close-up.

(Length: 1 hour 8 minutes)

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